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Forklifts Systems, Inc. is the ultimate one-stop-shop destination for all of your personal or business forklift training needs. Serving Miami-Dade and Broward counties, our services include used forklift sales, forklift rentals and forklift repairs at competitive prices everyday. Our training services are the perfect compliment to make us your Go-To forklift shop in Miami! Stop in and see us!

Additional Forklift Services!


Forklift Sales

Check out our well-maintained inventory of major forklift brands including Toyota, Nissan, Caterpillar and more. Our forklift sales include a premium yearly maintenance plan to keep your equipment running like new.


Forklift Rentals

We have everything your company needs from three to 15,000 lbs. cushion, electric, and pneumatic forklifts. Our electric forklifts are available in different varieties, including reach trucks, four-wheelers, three-wheelers, pallet jacks, and order pickers.


Forklift Service

Forklifts can be difficult to manage on your own. We have helpful yet affordable maintenance solutions that will keep your forklift or the entire fleet safe and efficient. You can choose the right plan that meets your needs and budget.


Forklift Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps forklifts in excellent condition and prevents disruption of daily operations and costly repairs. To keep your forklifts running safely and efficiently, choose from one of our tailored maintenance plans that meets your needs.


Forklift Repair

For forklift repairs, our full-service shop has experienced mechanics on-hand to ensure your forklift is up and running in no time. Contact us for a complimentary fleet audit to help identify potential cost-saving opportunities.


Forklift Parts

If it’s a replacement part you need, we carry an extensive range of parts including batteries, lights, tires, and radiators. To eliminate lengthy downtimes, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) forklift parts are available for immediate purchase and installation.

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